Research Opportunities

Resident Research Opportunities

As one of the program goals is for residents to be capable of and enthusiastic for scholarly pursuits in emergency medicine, scholarly activities are a mandatory component of the program. In addition to this, scholarly pursuits in education are encouraged and supported by the program.

Residents are supported in the scholarly endeavours in a number of ways. It is hoped that a resident will choose one larger project early in his/her residency that can be developed and completed over 3 to 5 years. Those residents with a greater interest are encouraged to also conduct several smaller projects throughout their five year residency. Reserach projects may be in any field related to emergency medicine including, but not limited to: medical education, pre-hospital medicine, medical administration, trauma and resuscitation, or clinical decision making.

Dr. Jon Dreyer is a faculty member who is designated as resident research coordinator, however most faculty members are involved in research either through their role on the research committee or as individual project supervisors. Our two research coordinators, Kristine Van Aarsen and Melanie Columbus, work in the research office and are excellent resources for project design and clinical epidemiology. They also deliver clinical epidemiology teaching sessions throughout the year during Thursday morning chief rounds.


Resident Research Day (RRD)

Resident Research Day (RRD) is an annual event held in the spring by the emergency medicine department. Here, residents from both the royal college and CCFP-EM programs present their active reserach projects. In order to encourage quality work, residents may present project proposals, work in progress, or completed work. It is expected that each royal college resident will present at a minimum of three RRDs during their five year residency. A group of judges, including a visiting physician from an external hospital, award montary prizes to the best oral presentations. 


National & International Conferences

Royal college residents are expected to present their research findings at a minimum of one national level conference during their residency. Most often, residents present at the annual Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians conference. A conference stipend of $1500 is provided by the program to help cover costs.


Journal Club

Journal club is a resident run initiative where we discuss both current and classic emergency medicine topics. Two faculty members and a research coordinator attend to enhance the learning experience, while maintaining a comfortable and open learning environment. The focus of these evenings is on critical appraisal and improving clinical epidemiology knowledge. Please click here for more details.